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Textile Restoration Services

Collage of photos of items that PTR restores including fur coats, drapes, shoes, clothes, leather jackets, linens, purses and stuffed animals

Whether textile items have been affected by fire, smoke, water, or mold, you can trust PTR to provide comprehensive restoration services. We specialize in the meticulous restoration of a wide array of textile items, including clothing, footwear, accessories like belts and handbags, elegant window treatments and drapes, luxurious linens, , as well as fine materials like leather, suede, fur, and beyond. Our expertise knows no bounds when it comes to restoring valued possessions.

Vintage and Precious Items

Collage of precious and vintage items that PTR restores including stuffed animal, baby dress, wedding dress and handmade quilt
We understand that certain textile treasures are simply irreplaceable. Rest assured, we are dedicated to going the extra mile to return them in a pristine, pre-damaged state. Whether delicate lace, vintage leather jackets, cherished stuffed animals, heirloom quilts or needlepoint, you can trust us to preserve the priceless.
Map of the areas that Premier Textile Restoration serves including North Carolina and South Carolina

We provide full-service textile restoration services across the Carolinas

Areas We Serve

We proudly offer comprehensive textile restoration services spanning the entire Carolinas region. Wherever you are in the Carolinas, count on us for top-notch textile restoration expertise right at your doorstep.

What We Provide 

Our restoration services include: 
  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Before-and-after photo documentation
  • Thorough cleaning and odor elimination
  • Secure, climate-controlled storage solutions
  • Methodical item return, room by room
  • Expedited service options for rush orders
  • 24/7 availability for on-call and emergency assistance
Count on us for a complete textile restoration experience that's efficient, reliable, and customized to your requirements.

Featured Projects

Before and after photos of restoration of smoke-damaged Jimmy Choo shoes successfully completed by Premier Textile Restorations
Diagram of Premier Textile Restoration's process including content assessment, cleaning techniques, deoserization, drying, delicate item handling and quality control

Our Textile Restoration Process

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