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Structural Cleaning

Our structural cleaning services at Premier Textile Restorations are designed to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges. We provide thorough cleaning and deodorization of a property's structural components, including walls, ceilings, floors, and fixtures, ensuring a safe and healthy environment the policyholder.

In structural cleaning we focus on the cleaning and restoration of the building's structural components and surfaces. We remoe the residues left behind by smoke and soot following a fire. This involves cleaning walls, ceilings, floors, and other structural elements to remove smoke odor, soot deposits, and stains. Techniques such as dry cleaning, wet cleaning, and abrasive cleaning may be employed based on the type of surface and the severity of the damage.

In cases of water damage, our focus is on drying and cleaning the property's structural components to prevent mold growth, water stains, and structural deterioration. This includes cleaning walls, floors, ceilings, and other surfaces. 

We utilize specialized cleaning methods and equipment for structural cleaning, depending on the nature of the damage and the type of surfaces being cleaned. Thorough cleaning and disinfection of affected structural components is critical to removing and preventing mold growth. Any smoke odors and residues are removed from from building materials and surfaces.

Throughout the structural cleaning process, restoration professionals document the extent of the damage, the cleaning methods employed, and the condition of the structural components before and after cleaning. This documentation helps track progress, ensure quality control, and provide evidence for insurance claims.

Documentation and Reporting

Overall, structural cleaning plays a critical role in restoring the integrity, safety, and aesthetics of a building following damage, ensuring that both the visible and hidden structural elements are thoroughly cleaned and restored to pre-damage conditions.

Integrity and Safety

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